Yemeni Coffee Meets Modern Methods at Haraz Coffee in Dearborn

Antiquity and the cutting edge blend like cardamom and cinnamon at a new Yemen-focused specialty coffee shop in Dearborn, Michigan, called Haraz Coffee. At the shop, brews through traditional Turkish and Yemeni methods can be purchased through decidedly modern means such as Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Opened by Hamzah Nasser this past April, the cafe accepts both […]

Monster Coffee Energizes Long Beach with Fun Branding and Inclusive Brew

Going without coffee brings out the monster in all of us — a foe Nancy Alvarez and Shannon Smith want to defeat with beans and brew under the name Monster Coffee Roasters. The two LGBTQ-plus-supportive women of color launched their company in Long Beach, California, earlier this summer, hoping to make quality coffee not only more […]

New Research Finds Specific Compounds that Affect Coffee Mouthfeel

Researchers at Ohio State University have identified specific molecular compounds that may contribute to the body and mouthfeel of coffee. While coffee body in academic and industrial settings is often considered in terms of viscosity, the new research suggests small chemical molecules and our mouths’ receptors may have more to do with the perception of the body […]